Recycled plastics in toner bottles

Contribute to a sustainable future


Ricoh comet cycle


Being green is in our DNA. We are committed to the development of a sustainable society, and to drive the change and we have adopted the Comet Cycle concept. The Comet Cycle shows the greater picture of our environmental impact reduction scheme, throughout the lifecycle of our products and services.

We are excited to share a resource saving initiative from our European factories. Both our locations in the UK (RPL) and France (RIF), will be switching to more environmentally friendly raw materials for the manufacturing of Ricoh toner bottles: PET plastic produced from household post-consumer waste.

As opposed to the virgin, oil-based plastics, PET plastic is made mostly of empty drink containers, juice bottles and ketchup jars that are discarded by consumers in a separate waste stream. Our factories (together with their partners) have found ways to re-use this discarded PET plastic and turn it into new Ricoh toner bottles. This initiative is in line with Ricoh’s long-term target to reduce the new input of resources by 93% by 2050.

You can recognise the new PET plastic Ricoh toner bottles by the PET#1 mark on the bottle (currently Ricoh’s bottles carry the PET#7 indication).



The other thing that will change is the color of the bottle, as you can see in the picture below this will be slightly darker compared to bottles made of oil-based plastics. Other than this, the switch to PET plastic does not have any impact on the quality, yield box packaging, EDP codes and price.



These are the models that are currently in scope for PET#1

  • Apollon/Athena range (MP C4000/C5000, MP C450x/C550x)
  • Metis range (MP C200x-MP C600x), Griffin range (MP C30x/40x), Diana range (MP C20x0/C25x0) and Zeus range (MP C300/400) produced by our factory in the UK (RPL).
  • Parisian C1 (MP 2500), Kir C2-C3.1 (MP 1900), Kir C4 (MP 2001/2501), Russian C2 – C5.5 (MP 2550/3350/2851/3351), Orval-C1-C2 (MP 2352/2852/2553/3053/3352), Stella C2-C4.5 (MP 171/201) produced by RIF in France.
  • Stella C5 (MP 301) and Leffe C1 (MP 305+) are scheduled for the beginning of 2018 (to be produced by RIF in France).

The switch to the PET#1 plastic by RIF and RPL would jointly reclaim more than 80 tons of post-consumer PET plastic in Ricoh toner bottles per month.