The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards enable teams to reinvent the way to work together. Whether at the office, on the road or working from home, they make it easy to join and contribute to meetings and brainstorm sessions. There is a Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard for every meeting space. They are scaled to meet the requirements of small, medium and large sized meeting rooms. From our versatile 32”, perfect for huddle spaces, through to our extra-large 86” model, which is designed for large meeting rooms and conferences, we offer a choice of room-sized solutions.
Some of our IWB benefits:
1. The IWB is a hub, you can connect yourself with other IWB (remotely) or with other devices as well (phone, tablet ecc) and share a presentation, doing notes and save it.
2. All of our IWB are available with Standard or Smart controller, that allows you to cover all the business requirements of our customers
3. We have a huge IWB Range, suitable for small to large meeting rooms
4. Our IWB can be connected to the Cloud
5. Our IWB can be integrated with Streamline NX using authentication, this reinforces the security level
Transform the way you work with the range of Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards, work effectively, run more productive meetings and deliver engaging presentations