Asset Management-Inventory Management-Click & Collect

The Smart Locker business is booming. Not only because they reduce human-to-human contact but they also automate processes and return an instant ROI for your customers. Installing and maintaining a smart locker is not all that different from installing and maintaining an MFP. Your engineers can easily be deployed to do this without too much training.

What are Smart Lockers?

Smart Lockers are an innovative combination of flexible workspace storage and the latest connected technology. They provide advanced storage solutions that offer 24/7 manageable access, end-to-end tracking of usage, new more efficient business processes, automation and full management reporting capabilities.

They have a variety of applications across your business to provide powerful and dynamic storage solutions, which do not compromise on security. With in-built software they automate time-consuming activities and introduce new efficient processes. Smart Lockers will transform the way you manage many aspects of their workplace, from managing incoming mail and parcels to controlling an inventory of valuable devices or equipment.

Smart Lockers also improve accountability, governance and enable connectivity with other smart devices for more flexibility and ease of use by users and facilities management. Much more than just a locker, our Smart Lockers give in your business:

  • Improved flexibility and usage
  • Greater security and governance
  • New processes and efficiency
  • End-to-end user visibility and management
  • 24hr access with different security options
  • Reporting and accountability tracking

Why your business needs to think Smart Lockers

As businesses adopt new and more agile ways of working, the needs of their employees are changing. A mobile workforce requires a work environment that also provides secure storage space for personal belongings, that enables IT assets and inventory to be accessed on demand, and which allows mail and parcels to be collected at any time of the day or night. As a result, businesses are increasingly looking for intelligent storage solutions.

These organisations are looking for more than just locker space; they are looking for smart keyless systems that are ultra-secure, that can be managed remotely in real time, and which provide a detailed record of custody. They are also looking for scalable solutions, that can be customized to meet their business requirements, and which are delivered by a knowledgeable, trusted and capable service provider.

Types of Smart Lockers

We currently have 12 Smart Lockers.

Asset Management

  • Logistics/Warehouses; manage hand held devices
  • Corporates and SMB; manage IT devices, onboarding packages for new employees

Inventory Management

  • Warehouses
  • Logistics companies
  • Corporations and SMB; small items vending

Click & Collect

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Post office

In 2021 we will introduce Personal Storage Lockers and Order Pick-up Food Lockers.