Ricoh has launched a COVID-19 bundle using all the great features of Docuware to provide a smart and enhanced safety process, thus minimising the admin, paperwork and time consuming factors required for manual screening. Now that the world is slowly returning to work, current screening processes are both time and resource consuming, requiring manual completion of forms and exposure to widely used items, such as pens and notebooks.

How does it work?
Employees and visitors will scan a QR code posted at the building entrance with their smartphone. An eForm questionnaire will capture the details and depending on the answers, visitors are either allowed or refused entry, with DocuWare notifying all relevant parties of the outcome.

Benefits of the COVID-19 bundle

  • Provides contactless visitor and employee check-in/check-out
  • Records health screening information while maintaining data privacy
  • Automatically monitors building capacity limits
  • Self-service or monitored check out
  • Help employers maintain a safe work environment
  • Simple “track and trace” method indicating date and time of visit
  • Can be adapted to include relevant local government COVID-19 advice